How To Make Money Online (11 REAL Methods)

In this video, I will show you 11 LEGITIMATE ways to make money online in 2018.

There are different methods towards making money online and there are many proven formulas that do work for certain people. You need to understand there are no two persons in the world who are exactly the same, we all grow up in the different family having different back ground and we all different from each other. So we don’t work the same ways….

A guru will never tell you this because all they want is to sell; this is the truth behind the secret.

What I am going to share with you here is the proven formula that works for me best.

I am not a Guru or a Pro of anything and I am definitely not a web designer. In fact if I didn’t give myself a proper education on the Internet marketing course, I would be wondering around still and getting all the worries in my head of how am I going to pay my bills and how am I going to feed my kid….You can just do what I do and believe in yourself this will work just fine..

So enough of the talking lets start.

My step by step method is so simple and worked perfectly.

There are followed by 4 steps only and if you can master this 4 steps you can be very successful in your field. (Niche)

NICHE (research)–PRODUCT (research)–MARKETING DIRECTION (paid & free advertising)-

The KEY to PROVEN FORMULA for making money online is three worlds: RESEARCH; WHY; WHAT.

RESEARCH: Finding a Niche and a targeted sub-Niche 
WHY: Why are they (audience-the consumer) buying (benefit from it) 
WHAT: What are they buying and are they buying online, what do they needed for? 
Write down the conclusions of all these three things you just searched and find the KEYWORDS.

Now we can do our 4 steps:

Start with the Niche of what you are interested and what is your passion? 
For example: I like dogs, so for me I would choose the make a campaign about dogs… 
I will go to to find a smaller and more targeted Sub-Niche, because I don’t want too much competition this way I can maximize my earning potentials…OK.I’ve found the “Dog Training” and “How to train your dog from barking”…..this is my Niche.

You can go to different affiliate site to sign up. It is free of charge. 
Once you sign up then start searching a product best for your Niche and your Consumers. 
They will give you your very special affiliate link. There you go start promoting.

1) Paid direction:( pay per click) PPC. 
— You pay for your advertising only if somebody clicked on it. 
2) Free direction: Article marketing and SEO (search engines optimization) 
— Write the article about you Niche what you are promoting and write the benefit of the product and the details that your consumers want to know about.

Tip: Think like the consumers and put your feet in their shoes.

Setting up your campaign 
—create your own website. 
—Making a Blog. 
—go to Squidoo and make a lens.

I highly recommended that you start with a Blog or A lens first, because it can be down fast and 
You don’t need to create complicated back links and optimize the landing pages..

That’s all the work you need. By now if you have completed all the steps then you can just set back and watch the money coming in.

However it is always a good thing to get you a proper education and learn more techniques on Internet marketing, because it can save you tons of money for wasting and testing.

This is the first step towards success

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