How To Make $30 Per Hour Just BY WATCHING VIDEOS Online (EASY 2019)

How to Make Passive Income Online Watching Videos!
About this video : This video is about how to make 30 dollars per hour just watching videos, there is literally no better way to make money if you have a lot of time and not a lot of money!

This is a great way to save some initial money so that you can invest into something more scalable like Amazon or creating an Ad agency!

There are free websites where you can earn money by playing (and winning games). You typically start with 1 cent and your winnings double every time you win.

In theory the winnings can be substantial. The main cost is in viewing the video that precedes each game (the advertiser pays the website which funds your winnings). In reality you need to win a lot of successive games to actually run up a decent level of earnings. Equally you do need to spend the time watching the video – you will be asked a question at the end and can only start the game if you answer correctly.

There are a considerable number of websites where you can swap, buy and sell invites. This is essential as you need to be invited to join a particular game. If you sign up with the site it will usually take you quite a while before you are invited.

You can cash your winnings in at any time but the need to watch the videos means it is a slow process. A number of regular users estimate you will earn around $5 per hour – useful but scarcely enough to live on.

These websites are best seen as a way to play on line games for free – the cost is in your time watching the videos and there is a small financial reward. As such it is like a number of ways to earn money available on the internet. It does work, can be fun, but will not give you a substantial income.

The concept of this game is knowing how to compound. Simply put, if you can start at 1 cent and successfully double your money every day, in as little as one month you could make more than a million dollars. Don’t believe me, get out your calculator and try it. The benefits of compounding are substantial and once the concept has been grasped, it unlocks the endless possibilities of always having more money be it under your bed or in the bank (Whatever helps you sleep better). More information on different forms of investment opportunities could be found in

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