How to Find Hot Items to Sell on eBay

The first question people have before they start selling online is “what do I sell?” 

There are countless “services” or “guides” out there but none of that is necessary because eBay gives you all that info for free!

You’ll notice that beside certain items in eBay the word “Hot” appears. Items get marked as hot when there have been 30 or more bids placed. There are a lot of “Hot” items on eBay and fortunately, they give you all the tools necessary to find them.

A great way to find out how well a specific product has sold in past auctions is to see for yourself:

You can view old listings that have completed at: This will tell you all completed auctions for any product that you specify – how many bids there were and what the eventual selling price was. This is THE most important tool in evaluating potential products to sell. In fact, one of my first big sellers were USB flash drives. I had found a supplier selling 8gb drives for $4 each but I wasn’t sure that people would be willing to buy these….and I had to purchase a minimum lot of 50 (i was buying wholesale). After seeing completed listings on eBay I had no doubts. These things were selling for between $15 and $20 each!

Another great tool is ‘eBay Marketplace Research.’ This gives you information on buying trends on eBay – by category. This will tell you everything you need to know about how well – or how badly – an item might sell on eBay. There is a small fee for using the eBay Marketplace Research tools, 
but I find it’s well worth the price.

Another great tool on eBay site is a list of the most popular searches. This list can be found by going to Google and simply typing in “popular” and “eBay” . This list is divided by category, and will give you invaluable information on what the “pulse” of the market is.

Don’t make the HUGE mistake of thinking that an item will do badly, or that it will do well without doing your homework on the item first! This is the number 1 reason people fail at this business.Some of the strangest things sell for the highest prices, while items that would see just sit there. Almost any eBay Power Seller will tell you that the key to a successful auction rests in the amount of research you put into the items you hope to sell.


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