10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online

In this video I will show you how to make money and passive income online. All you need is a computer or a smartphone, with internet access.

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So you want to know whether it’s really possible to make money online  – or is it that all the online money making hype is just a bunch of scammers making money from selling rubbish to the ordinary people i.e. you. Well, in this article I’m going to talk about two ways to make fast money online and one longer-term method. Read on to discover some legitimate ways to make money online.

The first way to make money is to sell items. eBay has built a multi-million dollar business by connecting buyers and sellers. You can get started for free just by digging up all the stuff in the back of cupboards which you never use anymore and selling it. You make some cash and have a clutter free house – what’s not to like? You can move on from this level of selling by buying items which the main aim to resell. Now you need to have some idea what your market wants to buy and know how to price it correctly. Places to look for stock includes local yard sales and school fund raisers. Taking selling online to another level involves using drop shippers overseas who will directly ship items to your customers. But dealing with overseas suppliers or physical stock is not for everyone – particularly if you don’t have much storage space in your apartment.

Option two to make money online is to sell yourself, or rather your skills. Many people make a good living by selling their ability to write articles, design logos, develop websites or even understand the social media industry. Photographers sell their images and writers sell their services to write anything from articles to sales letters to e-books. The online world is all about information and there is a huge industry built up by those with the skills to develop that information. Selling your skills online is a bit like traditional consulting – but the barriers to entry are a great deal lower, and you don’t have to leave home to do it.

My third way to make money online, is my favourite, but its also the most difficult. I like to develop websites which make me money even while I sleep – yeah I know you’ve heard the hype before. Well the sad thing about all the scammers telling you can make money while you sleep – that its actually true – you can, what they forget to tell you is that you also have to do a great amount of work first and that the principals are deceptively easy to understand. Fundamentally to make passive income online you develop a website and then get people to visit that site.

Once on the site the visitor may click on an add or buy a product. You get paid by the advertisers, the owner of the product (affiliate marketing) or the product may be your own and you keep the whole sale price. Either way you can make money months or even years after you initially set up and promoted your website – so yes I do make money online while I sleep – but if you want fast money look to sell either your skills or a something you own!

So yes there are legit ways to make money online, and yes it costs less to get started than in most real world businesses. But in general being in business online is all about your ability to put in a whole lot of hard work and you probably won’t get rich overnight – well not at first anyway.

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