6 Ways Government Shutdowns Hurt You (Even if You’re Not a Federal Worker)

Congress has until midnight April 28 to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown — although it’s likely that lawmakers will pass a measure to fund the government through May 5 to allow negotiations to continue. But even if we avoid a shutdown this time, there’s a good chance we’ll hear more talk of another potential shutdown as Oct. 1 — the deadline for Congress to pass a funding bill for all of 2018 —  approaches. Even if you’re not a government employee, the screeching halt of federal operations can affect you. Here’s what you need to know... Read more

This Credit Card Scam is Way Elaborate, But You Can Outsmart It. Here’s How

A new credit card scam could cost you hundreds of dollars, and your bank’s fraud department may never notice the suspicious charges — without your help. An Ohio woman recently became a victim of this scam . Her husband, identified only as D.H. from Pepper Pike, Ohio, shared their story with It’s an example of the length scammers are willing to go to steal your money and, in the process, make it tougher for you to get your cash back. Here’s How the Credit Card Scam Played Out The scammer stole her credit card information and used it to... Read more

16 Bloggers Who Make Enough Money to Travel the World in Style

Hands up if you’ve ever seen headlines like these: “Why I Quit My Job to Travel the World” “Man Who Quit 9-to-5 Job Makes $1 Million While Traveling the World” “3 Ways to Quit Your Job and Travel the World Without Going Broke” My guess is that you have, because I see these headlines around everywhere. I’ve even written a few of them (hint: the last one). And let me guess … When you see a headline like that, you’re a bit skeptical. You check Google Analytics and with your meager traffic, you can’t imagine ever being able to quit... Read more

A Shocking Number of American Households Won’t Have Cable by 2018

With the cost of cable staying north of $1,100 per year , the cord-cutting trend is gaining serious momentum. It looks like a whole lot of cords are getting cut these days — more and more every year. Here’s an eye-opening statistic: By the end of this year, nearly a quarter of Americans will no longer have a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription. Nearly 1 in 4! That’s the prediction according to consulting firm Convergence Research Group’s new report . This report is flatteringly titled, “The Battle for the American Couch Potato.” (C’mon, strategic consulting guys, don’t try so... Read more

Too Drunk to Tell if the Bartender is Shorting Your Pint? Try This App

“Hey, bartender!” (Our speaker hiccups, belches, squints through one eye and slams a freshly drained pint glass down on the bar.) “Lookie here, bartender. I’ve got an app on this here phone that’s guaran-TEED to piss you off.” OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how that conversation should go. You should probably strive to adopt just the right tone when introducing your local bartender to this new app . The new iPhone app, currently in beta testing, is called Pour Authority . It measures how much beer you’re really getting in that pint glass. Its goal is to fix the... Read more

Work-Life Balance Actually Exists — and This Guide Can Help You Find It

It’s one thing to be looking for just any ol’ job. It’s another to be looking for the job. You know, the one that fits into your lifestyle so you don’t dread waking up on Monday mornings. Fairygodboss , a job-review site for women, recently launched a work-life balance guide so job seekers can determine which companies would be most ideal for them. The site conducted a survey to find out the top priority — aside from compensation — for women looking for their next job. Flexibility came in as the No. 1 concern , above opportunities for advancement, work... Read more

Beyonce Came to Slay — and Pay — Your College Tuition

Are you ready to get in formation? Beyoncé just announced a college scholarship program called — what else?— Formation Scholars . As if the internet could love Queen Bey anymore… If Beyoncé gave me a scholarship it's going in the header of my resume #FormationScholar — Phylicia (@Just__Jas) April 25, 2017 Who will Spelman College's #FormationScholar be? Don't think I could love Bey more. — Maura Chanz (@maurachanz) April 25, 2017 We think it’s awfully generous, considering the star soon has to start saving for college for three future scholars of her own… #BeyGood The Formation Scholar announcement comes... Read more

Break Out Your Resume: Cigna is Hiring 95 People — and the Jobs are Remote

Looking for a company that embraces letting employees work from home? Healthcare insurance company Cigna has 95 open work-from-home positions available as of April 25. Healthcare experience is not necessary for all jobs, as there are opportunities available in fields like business operations, sales and IT. I’d love to tell you what you’d be doing in these roles and how much they pay, but since these job positions are so varied — from a pharmacy account manager to a Medicaid/Medicare compliance specialist — it’s impossible to pin that all down. However, the company says it’s “dedicated to helping people improve... Read more

Think College Tuition is Non-Negotiable? Think Again

Right about now, the high school seniors in your life are probably more excited than ever before to check their mailboxes. Although the fat envelopes contain exciting news — you, yes you, are going to college! — they can sometimes yield disappointment, too. That’s all I received in financial aid? It’s going to cost me HOW much? If you plan to attend college in the next few years, keep reading. Here are five expert tips for reducing the cost of college before — and after — you’re accepted.   1. Make Your Application Shine Few of these techniques will work... Read more

3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Dig into Emergency Funds

I recently went to hop in my car and drive to class. But after walking around in circles for a few minutes clicking the panic button to no avail, I realized: My car wasn’t there. I didn’t get a decal before the new parking enforcement date in my apartment complex, so my car got towed. And it was going to cost me $175 to retrieve. I walked to the bank in a panic, feeling punched in the gut as I thought about the looming damage to my emergency fund . That fund had grown over the past few months. It... Read more

Identity Thief on Line 1: How to Protect Yourself from Phone Spoofing Scams

Normally you can count on caller ID to help you avoid unwanted phone calls. When you get an unexpected call from a mysterious phone number from some weird, random area code, you’re less likely to pick up. That’s why God invented voicemail, right? Still, you’ve got to watch out for a scam known as “ caller ID spoofing .” That’s when a con artist calls you using a disguised phone number, trying to trick you into answering your phone and giving up vital information. It’s how scam artists are currently targeting immigrants, seeking to steal their identities. Scammers claiming to... Read more

Want to Bring Your Baby to Work? Some Companies are Allowing Just That

There are already enough questions to consider when bringing a new baby into the world. What diapers should I use? Should I bottle feed or breastfeed ? Am I dressing the baby in enough layers? Too many layers? Can I afford all this baby gear ? When will I get any sleep? Trying to figure out what to do about to work is a whole ‘nother set of issues. Many jobs have poor options for maternity leave or parental leave — if that’s even offered at all. Daycare can be hella expensive, but staying home to care for your child... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Post-College Life Like a Boss

Graduation is exciting, but it also means you probably only have six months until your first student loan payment is due. We don’t want you to have to struggle through becoming an adult and loan payment stress at the same time, so we’ve compiled a list of our best advice for recent college grads. Loans It’s nearly impossible to graduate college without some form of debt trailing behind you. Here are our best posts on paying off student loans, and what to do if you start to fall behind. Give Every Dollar a Job Emily Wynn paid off $11,000 in... Read more

The Secret Way Moms Can Save $25 on a Sam’s Club Membership Right Now

My mom and dad loved venturing to Sam’s Club when I was a child. Not only did my brother and I keep happy with the food samples and aisles of books and toys, my parents could also buy in bulk, which was nice when we ravaged through their groceries week by week as kids. (But let’s be real; that was mostly my above-average-sized brother.) Plus, they saved tons of money. Now, Sam’s Club has a membership deal you won’t find on its homepage. It’s a special just for moms — and it’s available until July 31. Calling All Moms: Here’s... Read more

6 Healthier, Inexpensive Alternatives to Your Daily Diet Soda

We all have vices. For me, it’s coffee (not the worst as far as vices go, but I’m not talking just a cup here and there — sometimes coffee controls me). But, for a lot of people — especially those trying to stay away from high-calorie, sugar-filled sodas — diet cola reigns supreme. And why shouldn’t it? Diet soda is a low-calorie, bubbly treat that gives drinkers a serious caffeine boost when they need it most — like during that afternoon slump that simply wants to ruin you . But, after reading findings from a recent study published by the... Read more

Do You Know What These Basic Finance Terms Mean? A Lot of Americans Don’t

Surprise! It’s time for a pop quiz. Do you know what a 401(k) is? What does HELOC stand for? Can you name the three major credit bureaus? If you’re feeling a bit stumped, you’re not alone — a recent survey by GoBankingRates revealed one in three Americans don’t understand “simple finance terms and concepts.” The survey included 529 responders from all 50 states, who were asked the following questions: 1. Which of the below describes a 401(k)? 2. What does a CD offered by a bank stand for? 3. What is net worth? 4. What does HELOC stand for? 5.... Read more

Coming Soon to Panera: 10,000 New Jobs AND Delivery Service (Win-Win!)

Without exaggeration (OK, with a little exaggeration), here’s the best news we’ve received in years : Panera Bread will now be delivering food right to your door via a whole fleet of new delivery drivers. And yeah, this means exactly what you think it means: sourdough bread bowls in bed. (Henceforth renamed “sourdough bed bowls.” Wait, is that gross? Sorry.) Following a recent announcement that Panera Bread is being acquired by JAB Holding (to the tune of about $7.5 billion), everyone’s favorite fast-casual hot bread hawker is expanding in a big way. You Pick Two (or 10,000) By the end... Read more

Surprise: Millennials Aren’t the Lazy Job Hoppers Everyone Thinks They Are

Millennials get a bad rap. Seriously: I just typed “millennials are” into the Google search bar, and the first three results were “lazy,” “stupid” and “entitled.” We’re also apparently killing certain industries — like the paper napkin and golf industries . (So what if we want to save the planet one napkin at a time and don’t want to spend our weekends pretending to be wealthy businessmen?!) But we’ll put a pin in that one. Instead, we’re going to break down the stereotype that millennials switch jobs whenever the wind changes direction. Because according to the Pew Research Center ,... Read more

These 9 Free Apps Will Help You Get Your Butt Out of Bed in the Morning

Few things unite my colleagues here at The Penny Hoarder more than our collective love of sleep. The waking up process, though, is where we diverge. Writer Grace Schweizer gradually introduces sunlight into her bedroom while surfing the internet for a while. Editor Sushil Cheema hits the snooze button for as long as she can get away with it. Writer Carson Kohler sets three separate alarms each night and admits sometimes even that’s not enough to get her out of bed as quickly as she’d like. I’m a little fusspot who prefers to be woken up gently and can’t hang... Read more

12 Weird (But Awesome) Classes That Have Actually Been Offered at Colleges

Choosing your class schedule might just be the most frustrating part of college life. After a monthlong dance over the delicate tripwires that are 8 a.m. lectures and horrible professors, you log on to register for the one class you actually need to graduate on time — only to watch the open seats vanish before your eyes. Then, in a panic, you sign up for three different philosophy classes just to fill your schedule. But let’s be real. College is an existential crisis all on its own, and you certainly don’t need another lofty professor telling you we’re all just... Read more

How to Make Spaghetti and Meatballs Even Cheaper (Yes, With Real Meat!)

When it comes to comfort food, it’s pretty hard to beat good old spaghetti and meatballs. From romantic date-night meals to easy family dinners, this simple (but delicious!) dish has a way of improving life’s best moments. Better still, this time-honored meal is just about as affordable as it is tasty. As everyone who’s ever so much as spoken to a college student knows, pasta is dirt cheap — and the fixings don’t have to break the bank, either. But they don’t call us Penny Hoarders for nothing. We’re always looking for the best possible deal, and dinnertime is no... Read more

On-Campus Jobs Can Help You Pay for College — But Are They Right for You?

Figuring out how to pay for college can get pretty stressful. Even if you apply for multiple scholarships , choose a college that charges significantly less than most and take advantage of savings plans , it’s possible you’ll still come up short. If you think you’ve exhausted your options, you might want to consider an on-campus job, which could help you scrape up extra funds to lower your bill for the semester. But are they right for you? Here’s how to find out. What Are On-Campus Jobs? Students walk away from Plant Hall at the University of Tampa in Tampa,... Read more

Go Fetch Your Dog a Free Bag of Dog Food This Weekend at Petco. Here’s How

Is Fido running low on dog food? You’re welcome for the reminder — I, too, sometimes panic when I go to feed my pup and realize his kibble supply is nearly gone. This weekend, though, you can pick up a free bag of dog food for your pup thanks to this awesome coupon from Petco. How Petco Rewards Members Can Get Free Dog Food Through April 24, you can use this coupon to get a free bag of Nutro dog food from Petco. The coupon is good for a 4- to 5-pound bag and limited to one per customer. While... Read more

Health Care Costs Keep an Alarming Number of Americans Awake at Night

When counting sheep won’t work and you’re laying awake at night, the thoughts racing through your mind will likely be money related. According to a new survey , that’s the case for most Americans, with 65% of us lie awake at night thinking about finances. That’s the highest it’s been since peaking at 69% in 2009, at the heart of the recession. In 2015 and 2016, 62% of people surveyed said they suffered from insomnia related to financial stress. has conducted this survey five times since 2007, and for the first time, the cost of health care is... Read more