Which State Has the Worst Student Loan Debt?

For lots (and lots) of graduating college students, student loan debt is an unfortunate reality. It’s not news, and it’s not going away. If anything, it’s getting worse. In fact, the class of 2016 was the most indebted class in history , according to student loan provider and refinancing marketplace LendEDU . But exactly how much debt you’re in depends on a ton of factors — like whether you went to a public or private college, whether or not you were able to secure any free money through grants and scholarships, and how much you were able to pay out... Read more

Have a Way With Words? These 6 Writing Contests Pay at Least $500

As one of those who got her degree in English, the fact that I can write stories to earn extra money makes my heart swell with joy. If you’re of the writing breed, you probably keep a small notebook on hand to scratch down story ideas. Or maybe, like me, you become impulsively entwined in writing the premise of an essay in your phone’s notes. Placing my thoughts on paper like that and giving them a chance to breathe is rewarding. But what’s even more rewarding? Money. Writing competitions offer writers a way to share their work and pocket some... Read more

Going to Target This Sunday? Don’t Leave Home Without This Coupon

Making your weekly Target run this Sunday? Participate in the first #TargetRunDay to save a little extra. The retailer is rewarding online and in-person shoppers with 10% off almost the entire store on Sunday, Aug. 28 , reports . The discount will not be applied automatically unless you’re shopping online. If you’re planning to visit in person, look for the 10% off coupon in the Target ad in your Sunday newspaper. Millennials (we know you don’t get the paper), you can text “RUN” to 827438 to receive a mobile coupon. You can get it today, but remember — it’s... Read more

These Grants Can Help You Finally Get Your Small Business Off the Ground

Welcome to Business Grants 101, Penny Hoarders. I’m starting this class with an analogy: Small business grants are to small businesses as scholarships are to colleges. I always hated analogies, but this sounds promising, right? If you’re looking to start a business — or fund an existing one — a grant could be a great financial solution. Read on to learn more (and decode that pesky analogy — sorry, guys). What’s a Small Business Grant? Let’s consult the expert. Hal Shelton, a SCORE mentor and the author of “ The Secrets to Writing a Successful Business Plan ,” likens business... Read more

Getting a Flu Shot This Season? You Could Get a Free $5 or $10, Too

Summer’s at an end.   It’s time for back-to-school shopping , throwing one last, boozy backyard bash , and — yes — thinking about the coming flu season. Are you getting a flu shot this year? It’s smart penny hoarding to do so: Avoiding the flu means avoiding taking sick days from work, and you won’t suddenly need to buy a bevy of tissues and decongestants. To say nothing, of course, about the worst part of the flu: “It can make you feel awful,” as CVS almost too-plainly states. So if you’ve decided to try and outsmart the virus by... Read more

Want a Dog? This Quiz Will Tell You What Kind of Owner You’ll Be

Dana Sitar (@danasitar) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s written for Huffington Post,, Writer’s Digest and more, attempting humor wherever it’s allowed (and sometimes where it’s not).... Read more

This Guy Turned Squee-Worthy Puppy T-Shirts Into a $40,000/Month Business

It all started with Justin Bieber. (Doesn’t everything, really?) Whenever Niels Skou wore his “Bieber shirt,” which was emblazoned with the singer’s face, everyone’s faces lit up. “I could see how happy it made people,” he says. “They’d get excited and look up from their phone and point at the shirt.” Combine that feeling with a fervent love for puppies , and you get Skou’s business: Puppies Make Me Happy — which now brings in $40,000 per month. Here’s how it happened… Puppy T-Shirts, What? Heather Comparetto / The Penny Hoarder Every summer for several years, Skou worked for Rockstar... Read more

Rotisserie Chicken isn’t as Good a Deal as You Think It is. Here’s Why

Their mouthwatering smell hits you as soon as you’re within 20 feet of the deli section, outdone only by the sight of their delectable, crispy skins. Rotisserie chickens. They’re the undeniable MVP of quick, cheap dinner options that are still healthy and delicious. Heck, I grab one almost every week — I mean, what puts you in less of a mood to cook dinner than hauling in all the bags after a grocery shopping trip ? But have you ever wondered why those rotisserie chickens are such a sweet deal? In most stores, they cost about the same — or... Read more

A Practical, No-Nonsense Guide to Earning Passive Income Online

It sounds so enticing, right? Tinker around on the side, creating a few websites, and before you know it, you’re earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, giving you the freedom to quit your job, travel the world, and live like a millionaire without anything tying you down. It’s the dream lifestyle, and everywhere you turn online, someone is offering to sell you a course, showing you how to do it. You have to wonder, though… is all this Internet stuff real, or is it just a scam? And if it is real, why isn’t everyone doing it?... Read more

Pokemon Go is Hiring! Plus 18 Other Cool Ways to Boost Your Bank Account

Sick and tired of your job? Want to find a new one — one that actually inspires you? Keep reading. Below, we share some cool jobs hiring right now, including openings at fun companies like Pokemon Go, Lisa Frank and Yelp — plus a few other ways to boost your bank account. 1. Catch ‘Em All for Pokemon Go Seika/Creative Commons Good news: We’ve found a way for you to make money off your Pokemon Go obsession. Niantic Labs, the company that runs the game, is hiring eight positions in its California and Seattle offices. The openings are mostly for tech-savvy... Read more

Calling All Ye’ Travel Experts: Apply To This Work-From-Home Job Today

Are you passionate about traveling on a budget? Do your friends ask you about the latest travel hacks and cheapest days to fly? ( Spoiler: It’s Tuesday and Wednesday. ) Do you scour the internet before purchasing your own ticket? Do you plan vacations based on the cheapest travel fares? Most importantly: Do you know some good pirate puns? Travel Pirates rounds up the best travel deals for U.S. and Canadian travelers, and it’s hiring full-time, work-from-home travel deal hunters and editors . How You Can Become the Next Travel Deal Hunter Are you ready to hop aboard with all... Read more

How to Spend Only $200 on Groceries in 6 Months (It’s a Little Extreme)

“My question is, if that much food is being wasted, how much of it is still good, and can I eat it?” Grant Baldwin asks at the start of food waste documentary “Just Eat It.” The film, which he made with producer Jen Rustemeyer in Vancouver, British Columbia, documents the couple’s six-month challenge to eat only food that would otherwise be wasted — whether expired, thrown away or donated. “I don’t think we’re foodies. We’re more like food fans, ” explains Rustemeyer, who’s been passionate about reducing food waste for years. They made the film to illustrate our culture’s massive... Read more

This Guy Built a Perfect Credit Score. Here’s Exactly How He Did It

Mike Scanlin has always had a high credit score. But as a 50-year-old venture capitalist who runs a website about investing, he wanted to see if he could get a perfect 850 — just for the fun of it. “I like puzzles,” said Scanlin, who lives in Los Angeles. “Reverse engineering how [a credit score is calculated] was a game for me. I wanted to get to 850 just to see if it could be done, since I didn’t know anyone who had done it.” It took him two years, but with some careful financial maneuvering, Scanlin achieved his goal.... Read more

Need Extra Money? These 5 Part-Time Jobs Will Let You Work From Home

We’re always on the lookout for new work-from-home opportunities for you. But what if work or family obligations keep you from getting a full-time job ? What options do you have? You could get a high-paying side gig , join Swagbucks , start your own business … or snag a part-time work-from-home job like one of these. 5 Part-Time, Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring Now Ready, set, work from home! 1. User Happiness Officer for Big Health Digital medicine startup Big Health is looking for a user happiness officer to assist customers with its Sleepio app. Sleepio is “a digital sleep improvement... Read more

Shark Tank on Wheels: How Ordering an Uber Can Fund Your Business Idea

If you’ve ever spent a Friday night ogling Mark Cuban and fantasizing about standing in some version of the Shark Tank yourself, here’s your chance. All you have to do is… order an Uber? It sounds weird, and I’m not completely convinced it’s not — but we’re certainly intrigued. Throughout the world, the rideshare company hosts special events dubbed UberPITCH. For one day in your city, you can request a ride to arrive with a local investor in tow. You’ll hop in the car with the investor, pitch your business idea , get feedback, hop out and hope they call.... Read more

13 Deals You Should Never Pass Up at Trader Joe’s — and 9 You Should

Trader Joe’s is a standout among American supermarkets. From its hand-painted signs to its friendly customer service, it’s a pleasure to shop at. So much so that it’s got a non-authorized, unaffiliated, apparently-legal-enough-to-stay-in-business Canadian spinoff . Even Wegmans can’t boast that kind of brand loyalty. And the pleasant atmosphere isn’t the only reason shoppers love Trader Joe’s so much. Trader Joe’s boasts the best (read: lowest) prices in the business, according to Consumer Reports . Better yet, it’s a nationwide chain, so there’s probably one in your area. But as with any bargain shop , some deals are better than... Read more

Paying This Much More Each Month Could Save You $1K on Your Student Loans

If your student loan debt is gargantuan, you might feel like you’re on a Sisyphean treadmill of bills — paying and paying and never getting closer to a $0 balance. Throwing in an extra $25 a month would probably be futile… or would it? A recent NerdWallet post about paying extra on your student loans inspired me to do the math. Yes, that’s how much I love you: I did math. Well, sort of; the Student Loan Hero calculator did it for me. Specifically, I wanted to know how much money you could save by paying $25, $50 or $100... Read more

Hey Football Fans! We Found 4 Sports Jobs That are Hiring Right Now

It is upon us. *Cue the dramatic music and the voice of Pat Summerall* The boisterous cheers — sometimes becoming aggressive bellows. The unwashed lucky jersey. The edge-of-your-seat, nail-biter playbacks. The sweaty men in tight pants. The buffalo chicken dip. It’s football season, y’all, which means I finally have weekend plans: dates with my Clemson Tigers. (Alabama fans, hush.) But no matter your team, you can go ahead and cheer for these football-centric job opportunities and turn your fanaticism into extra money. 4 Job Openings For Football Fanatics If you score one of these gigs, you won’t have to wait... Read more

9 Companies Now Hiring Seasonal Workers — Including Work-From-Home Jobs

I know: We prepare for the holidays way too early. I cringed as I walked through HomeGoods this weekend and saw Halloween pumpkins . It’s August, people. But as stores flood with decorations and flavored essentials (peppermint Hershey’s Kisses are my fav), companies are simultaneously increasing their staffing to help meet demand and avoid holiday disasters . That’s right. Premature — and last-minute — shopping could be your new source of income, just in time to start your own holiday shopping . These Companies are Hiring Seasonal Workers for the Holidays Because no one likes to get lost in the... Read more

How I Earned $20 an Hour By Getting Naked — Without Getting Arrested

So, time to bare all about my past: In college, I used my naked body to earn money. The good thing: It was legal — and it paid $20 per hour. How’d I do it? I worked as an art model. If you’re looking for a side gig you can do no matter where you live, keep reading… What is Art Modeling? Drawing the human form is one of the most basic — yet difficult — artistic expressions. And the best way to get good at it is practicing with a real, live human. (Remember Titanic ?) So, art teachers... Read more

14 Times the Internet Was On Point About How Expensive College Is

Go to college, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. OK — it is fun sometimes. And we’re all grateful for the opportunity to further our education… …but someone could’ve at least warned us how expensive toilet paper is. We had no idea we’d soon be “borrowing” industrial rolls from public restrooms. Or they could’ve mentioned how many times we’d wipe our tears with our student loan bills — and parking tickets. Fellow college students, the struggle is real. But the good thing is, we’re all in this together. Here are 14 times we felt each other’s pain about the... Read more

This Guy Started an Urban Farm and Now He Makes $75,000 a Year

It all started with an ice storm. Curtis Stone was living in Montreal, Canada, when the city was hit by a storm that left everything covered in two inches of ice. “The city was in pandemonium for days, the grocery stores were almost empty, and I realized how fragile the food system was,” Stone says. This experience led him to learn about growing his own food and, ultimately, start his own small organic farm. In 2010, he established Green City Acres in Kelowna, British Columbia, a small city in Canada’s fruit-growing and winemaking region. By 2012, he was producing 50,000... Read more

Here’s How You Can Actually Make Money Grocery Shopping This Week

If you haven’t noticed, we’re kind of into deal-stacking around here. By knowing a few tricks, you can cut the cost of almost any purchase — and you don’t even have to clip coupons. One of the simplest ways to save money shopping online is to use a cash-back site (or shopping portal), which offers cash-back rewards for everything you buy. If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for any reason, now’s the perfect time to dive in. This week, one of our favorite cash-back shopping sites, Ebates , is offering triple cash back on all purchases. How... Read more

7 Simple Steps to Start Getting Your Finances Under Control This Week

You know your finances could use some serious TLC, but you’ve been putting it off… and off… and off. When you finally do sit down to think about it, you immediately become overwhelmed. Which goal do you attack first? You need a budget, a savings plan, a debt repayment strategy, a better credit score, a plan for retirement, and… oh, you’re running away again, aren’t you? Calm down, and come back. To tackle big goals, you have to start small. Here are a few simple steps you can take today to get your finances under control and start working toward... Read more