This Company Will Literally Pay You $75 Just for Downloading Its Free App

This is pretty cool. Do you have a smartphone? We thought so. You’re probably reading this on it right now. Anyway, this company called Smart Panel and will literally pay you to download its free app. That’s it. The app collects anonymous statistics from your phone to help your favorite web sites, apps, tech companies, and mobile carriers give you better services and more features. The company wants to know how long you're spending on Facebook each week, what YouTube videos you like, and how often you check your email. It's all run by Verto Analytics, a trusted analytics firm,... Read more

26 Crazy Stories about “OMG!” Opportunities that Blogging Made Happen

Will it all be worth it? You can’t help wondering sometimes. Every spare minute, you’re glued to your computer, reading, writing, doing all you can to grow your blog and build your audience — all on the shaky promise that someday your efforts will pay off. But sometimes, that someday feels far out of reach. Sometimes, you can’t help wondering whether that day will ever come, or whether you’re just wasting your time. Well, hang in there, my friend. Because you never know what kinds of opportunities your blog can bring you. And they might take time, but for all... Read more

Shopify Tutorial – Making Your First Sale [Case Study]

I recently built a website using Shopify (for testing purposes), and I’ve come to realize how a... Read more

We Can All Use a Little TIme Off: How to Unplug from Work While on Vacation

Quiz time! When it comes to using vacation time, do you: Put off planning your vacation and never quite get around to taking one  Use up every last vacation day you’ve earned Don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong answer, so you can tell me. If you answered number one, you’ve got plenty of company. A new survey by Glassdoor revealed that, of the U.S. workers who get vacation time or paid time off, those employees, on average, only take about half of their allotted time . If you answered number two, I have another question for you. Do you... Read more

The U.S. May (Finally) Get Paid Parental Leave Under Trump’s New Proposal

The United States may finally join the ranks of other developed nations around the world that offer paid parental leave. President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal will include creating and funding a program that will give six weeks of paid time off for mothers and fathers following the birth or adoption of a child , the Washington Post reported . This expands on the previous paid parental leave proposal that Trump touted during the presidential campaign in that fathers and adoptive parents are also included, not just biological mothers. Families of all income levels would be included in the current... Read more

Forget Hot Dogs and S’mores — 6 Cheap (but Totally Yummy) Campfire Recipes

My first experience camping in a tent involved my rear end meeting a pile of ants. On a hot July morning in South Carolina, I woke up covered in sweat. I escaped the tent for fresh air. That’s when it happened. As I crouched down, fumbling with something or other, I fell back. Ants! After jumping around, shaking out my clothes and sending squeals through the quiet campground, I settled down. I only got bitten a few times but decided to cut the trip short. I needed a shower, air conditioning, some anti-itch cream and my queen-size mattress. I later... Read more

5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help You Start a Vegetable Garden from Scratch

I love free food. It makes me excited, probably more than it should. So the concept of gardening seems fabulous to me. I say “concept,” because I realize actual gardening includes exposure to bugs, which kinda-sorta freaks me out. But being able to just go to my backyard and pick out fruit for a snack or veggies for lunch -- without swiping my debit card -- would be awesome. I’m all for fresh food, reducing my carbon footprint and getting fresh air and exercise, not to mention having loads of extra produce to help lower my grocery bill . The... Read more

Treat Yo’ Self… for Pennies: 25 Spa Treatments You Can Do at Home

Want to know a secret? I’ve never had a professional massage. I totally get why they’re appealing, but they’re just not my jam. Manicures on the other hand?  Heck, yeah. My tombstone will read, “ How do my nails look?” I’m not gonna lie, getting my nails done every two weeks or so costs a pretty penny (or 6,000, to be exact), but it’s the one luxury I budget for, even if it means using cheap body wash or mascara. The main reason I go to a salon to get my manicure done is because there’s no way I could... Read more

4 Automakers Settle Takata Airbag Suit. That Could Mean Up to $500 for You

It’s been a long time coming. More than eight years have passed since the first vehicles were recalled due to exploding Takata airbags. But soon, nearly 16 million vehicle owners could finally get compensation. The Takata Airbag Settlement is Worth Millions On May 18, plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit filed a $553 million settlement agreement with four of the automakers that used the defective airbags. The airbags were reportedly rupturing, sending dangerous material into vehicle cabins, harming passengers. To date, at least 16 deaths, 11 of which were in the U.S., have been linked to the defect. Automakers have recalled... Read more

Why Potlucks are the Perfect Alternative to Expensive Dinners With Friends

The death of the dinner party is one of the greatest tragedies of our generation. (Just kidding. Everything is terrible .) The reality is it’s just too expensive (and stressful) to cook a full meal for 12 people. And you can pretty much forget about all of your friends being able to spring for an extra dinner out at the same time — which gets even pricier if they have kids and need to hire sitters. But friendship and food are as integral to the human condition as saving enough money to, ya’ know, pay your bills and stuff .... Read more

Getting Out of Jail Often Isn’t Free — Here are 7 Ways to Raise Bail Money

Far too many of us live paycheck to paycheck . That means it would be a real struggle to come up with $100 for an emergency -- to say nothing of $400 or $500 -- without going deeper into debt. Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes: unexpected medical expenses, car trouble, getting laid off — or even jail. People don’t usually expect to wind up in jail, and it can be expensive to bail out yourself or someone else. The average bail amount can range from a few hundred dollars for a misdemeanor charge to $55,500 for a felony... Read more

Under the Sea: These Women Actually Make a Living as Mermaids in Florida

Paisley Easton watches her footing as she makes her way along the rocky shoreline of a natural spring. Her blonde hair falls in waves over the white robe that wraps her petite body. As she closes in on the water, she slips off her flip flops, and her manager pops open an umbrella. That’s one of the first rules of being a mermaid: Never let anyone see you transform. Soon, Easton emerges, now a mermaid clad in a pink-scaled tail and a pearlescent bikini top. Her manager sweeps Easton up in her arms and places her on the algae-spotted rocks... Read more

31 Insanely Useful Resources for Writing a Bestselling Book in 2017

You’d love to learn how to write a bestselling book, right? Problem is, it’s scary. You’re not even sure what goes into writing a book, let alone a bestselling one. The good news? Below you’ll find 31 fantastic resources to help you write a bestselling book. (If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by how many there are, just commit to reading one each day for a month!) Note : I’ve focused on non-fiction books here, though you’ll find that some of the advice — particularly on areas like research and time management — will apply to other types of writing... Read more

11 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Must Not Make

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business. It’s one of the ways folks make money onlin... Read more

Writing Sentences That Sell

Writing sentences that sell is about making MONEY!(Just in case you thought it was about grammar!)Us... Read more

Google Just Announced a New Job Search Tool — and It Sounds Pretty Cool

Google might be your new go-to job-hunting site. That’s right: the minds behind the scarily accurate and infamously algorithmic search engine that helps you locate a “sugar-free high-fat banana muffin recipe” (or any other piece of conceivable information in this universe) with ease will now help you find your next job. The company is rolling out a new tool, called Google for Jobs, that will allow you to search jobs across the internet in one move -- just by typing a query into the search bar. Simplifying the Process An important feature of Google for Jobs, and one that is... Read more

10 Thoughtful Gifts — That Aren’t Cash — for College-Bound Graduates

Graduation season means graduation gifts -- and while we’re rooting for those high school seniors who are heading out into the real(ish) world, we’re also rooting for our wallets and their ability to get us through the month. Money is a classic ( and always appreciated ) graduation gift, but if you know more than a few high schoolers who are graduating this spring, you’ll end up dropping some big bucks as you send them all out into the big wide world. You could bust your budget by slapping serious cash into every cheesy “ConGRADulations!” card you had out, or... Read more

Meal Kits Make Dinnertime Easier, but Here’s the Cost of That Convenience

OK, I’m sufficiently grossed out. In theory, meal delivery services are great. They’re cost-effective and convenient, and they taste great. But do you really know what you’re sacrificing for that convenience? Well, it could be your health. *gasp* A recent study from Rutgers University revealed the worst about home delivery meal kits -- and the findings make sense. The findings aren’t for anyone with a weak stomach (this is your warning, BTW). Meal Delivery Services Can be Hazardous to Your Health Earlier this month at the Food Safety Summit , a Rutgers professor presented research on 169 home meal kits... Read more

Free Activities That’ll Keep Your Kids Entertained and Educated This Summer

With the school year quickly coming to an end, what are you going to do with the kids? How will you prevent summer learning loss ? And how are you going to do it without spending a fortune? A recent headline from Scary Mommy stopped me in my tracks. “ Thinking Of Sending Your Kids To An Academic Summer Camp? Buy A Lottery Ticket First ,” it read. Now, as much as the kids would probably love to spend the next two-and-a-half months lounging around in their PJs, eating junk food and letting their brains turn to mush, luckily there... Read more

14 Ways To Actually Make Money From a Website!

Making money online has never been easier!This blog makes money by selling our own online courses,... Read more

Get Paid to Explore the World: The 10 Best Jobs for Travelers

Do you work hard just to squeeze in a week of vacation once or twice each year? That's better than nothing, although some might argue these rushed trips make you more of a tourist versus a traveler . And either way, if you truly love to travel, a week or two each year might not be enough, right? So if you find yourself always daydreaming about your next travel destination, you might want to consider getting a different job -- one that lets you travel. There are two types to consider: Jobs that require travel as a normal part of... Read more

Class of 2017, Here are 5 Genius Ways to Use the Cash You Got at Graduation

This year’s crop of fresh-faced graduates have a lot to look forward to. New job or school opportunities, maybe a party or two and, of course, gifts. No fibbing, grads. You know one of the only things getting you through that last round of finals was the promise of a good celebration and a few presents for all your hard work. Whether you’re the giver or the recipient of a gift during this graduation season, listen up. I have some advice for you. The Gift Grads Really Want Gift givers, the graduates in your life are too polite to tell... Read more

Traveling the World… With Kids: Inside One Family’s 2-Year Adventure

Miranda Stamps and her husband Jay Albany had great jobs. They had healthy 4-year-old twin boys. Some might say they had it all. But they weren’t fulfilled.   “We were doing what we thought we should be doing for an unknown payoff, and it felt stressful and not free,” explained Albany. “I don't want to say we weren't happy, but we didn't feel like we were in touch with what we really wanted.” So, unlike many people in their situation, they took the time to think about what they wanted -- and then they made it happen. Stamps and Albany... Read more

To ease the over active brain

To ease the over active brain (stressed) brain through different activities such as listening to music playing games and reading. The idea is to become super relaxed towards the end of your visit to my website. My quote is " if it helps me to calm down/ relax why wouldn't it help you in the same way" ?     Read more