Love Your Shades? Oakley’s Hiring College Campus Brand Ambassadors

Some brand ambassador gigs are more work than they’re worth. A promise of a high hourly rate may conjure an image of working at a droopy table handing out postcards with discount codes. Even worse, some gigs only offer free products for all your hard work. We love free stuff, but we love earning money more. And if you’re a college student , you don’t have time to waste not earning money toward your monthly expenses. Oakley’s campus brand ambassador position is way better than a droopy card-table promo gig. Think of it as a real-world training experience for students... Read more

How You Could Earn an Extra $180 This Year… Doing Pretty Much Nothing

How would you feel if you had an extra $180 right now? You’d probably feel preeettttty good — I know I would. And recently, I figured out an easy way to earn that over the course of the next year. All you need is the help of your favorite technological devices. Here’s what you’ve gotta do… How to Get Started With SavvyConnect The key is to use a platform called SavvyConnect . Install its software on your devices — phone, tablet, computer — and let it work in the background. While you browse the internet, it “unobtrusively includes you in... Read more

These 7 Publications Will Pay for Your Writing (One Pays Up to $500!)

Being able to write is an admirable feat. And I’m not just saying that because I am a writer. I’m saying that because it really is — and it can pay the bills. As a writer, you can snatch up freelance gigs or submit pieces to writing contests . You can also do something a little in-between: You can submit pieces to literary publications and, in some cases, earn a pretty penny. Say you have a piece you’ve been holding onto about, for example, bullfighting in Spain. There’s probably a literary journal out there willing to pay you for your... Read more

From Barista to Shop Owner: How 3 Coffee Bosses Worked Their Way Up

Alan Tolson was in college when he became a barista at Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Co. in Mobile, Alabama. He worked part time while going to school at the University of South Alabama, making minimum wage plus tips. Now, 17 years later, he’s the proud owner of the shop. “When I started school, I didn’t have a particular endpoint in mind,” Tolson said. “I knew I wanted to run a business, but exactly which field that would be in, I hadn’t quite nailed down yet. But the deeper I got into coffee, the more I realized I enjoyed about... Read more

8 On-Campus Jobs You’ve Probably Never Considered — and How to Get Them

You’ve just moved into your college dorm , and the parentals have finally left. Or maybe you’re a seasoned college professional headed to the bars to “study.” Either way — if you’re anything like I was — you’re strapped for money and resisting the urge to ask Mom and Dad for “ a raise .” Sure, you could become a barista , living off the tip jar. You could even work at the campus bookstore or don a hairnet and work in the dining hall. Those are all jobs worth looking into, and ones many of us Penny Hoarders have... Read more

5 Reasons to Always Check I Heart Kroger Before You Buy Groceries

Everyone knows a Michelle: the fanatic who deeply loves a few retail chains or local shops and wants to share everything she loves about them. After all, why keep the good news to yourself? Especially when you can save big. Michelle is the mostly anonymous blogger behind some of the biggest store-based couponing sites, including I Heart the Mart and I Heart Publix . If you already know about those, get ready to add I Heart Kroger to your reading list. The site’s simplicity and directness make it easy to pick up on some of Michelle’s saving skills. The stay-at-home... Read more

10 Reasons This Penny Hoarder Won’t Shop Anywhere But Trader Joe’s

To know me is to know the almost-inappropriately deep degree to which I love Trader Joe’s. And I’m not alone in my devotion. The quirky, service-driven chain even has even inspired a nebulously legal Canadian spinoff for our TJ’s-deprived neighbors to the north. But what, you ask, is the basis of my torrid — and tasty — love affair with TJ’s? It’s so much more than cheap groceries… but yeah, that helps, too. 10 Reasons We Love Trader Joe’s, and You Should, Too I could list so many more than that, but I’ll try to stick to just 10. 1.... Read more

No More Excuses: You Can Now Register to Vote on Your Phone (in 5 Minutes!)

OK, so I have a confession to make: This post isn’t exactly about money. At least not like many of our other helpful, tips-filled posts . But it is about something really, super, wicked important: registering to vote. So my amazing editor is letting me write it. (Help a sister out and share this post, will ya? Show her you think this topic is important, too?) The election is only a few months away. And though voting is always part of your civic duty, I’d venture to say it’s even more critical this year. And a startup called HelloVote is... Read more

Are You a Woman Studying STEM in College? Pornhub Wants to Give You $25K

“Are you a woman pursuing an education in STEM? Are you awesome?” If you answered “yes” to both of those questions — and if you didn’t answer “yes” to at least one of them, we should talk — an unusual source wants to help you pay for college. For the second year, Pornhub Cares , the pornography site’s charitable arm, will award a $25,000 scholarship to a woman studying a STEM field at a postsecondary institution. How to Apply for the Women in Tech Scholarship By Nov. 30, eligible students should submit a 1,000- to 1,500-word essay that answers the... Read more

Macy’s is Hiring Tons of Seasonal Workers Next Week. Here’s How to Apply

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sometimes. Other times, I can be a bit of a grinch amidst the chaos of the holidays. But there are those moments — those ones where I stop and realize that it is a great time of the year. One of those moments? This sounds ridiculous, but it’s those darn Macy’s commercials. You know, those star-studded , heart-warming minute-long jigs. That, and “Home Alone.” Anyhow, the retail mogul known for its holiday spirit is hiring for the season. Macy’s is Hiring Tons of Seasonal Employees Mark your calendar. Macy’s just announced a... Read more

Here’s How to Visit Your Favorite Museum for Free

If you live in Washington, D.C., home to the Smithsonian Institution, you get spoiled. Its 18 area museums are always free to attend — which only makes it harder for DC residents like myself to come to grips with paying for museum admission in other cities. Yes, I get it, museums need to charge admission to stay open — but sometimes that $25 entrance fee just hurts. But each year, museums across the country join in the spirit of the Smithsonian Institution by opening their doors to visitors for free. On Saturday, September 24, celebrate the 12th annual Museum Day... Read more

Is This a Tax Credit or a Deduction? We Explain the Difference for You

There is some information about money that is so complicated, you don’t even want to begin the conversation. And then there’s that information that’s so simple, you assume you’re supposed to know it by now. But you don’t. You go through life thinking everyone around you understands these basic principles of personal finance that somehow elude you. And you’re afraid to ask questions, for fear of looking stupid. You’re not stupid. Money is complicated as hell. And our education about it is just plain bad. Part of my job is to ask the questions you’re afraid to ask. And, while... Read more

Forget Dogs. This Woman’s New Best Friends Earn Her $10,000/Year

When Pam Lunn lost her high-paying corporate job in the ‘90s, she bought a goat as a pet — long before it was cool. Lunn calls her goat her “mid-life crisis.” “Just like a dog they stick [their] nose underneath your hand,” she says. “They love cookies, Doritos, Tostitos.” It’s not just Lunn’s goat that’s particularly friendly — new research from Queen Mary University of London suggests goats are just as clever and affectionate as dogs. Goats: From a Pet to a Small Business A volunteer milks a goat at The Dancing Goat in Tampa, Fla., on Friday, July 8, 2016.... Read more

Get Ready to Binge-Watch: Here’s How to Get Hulu for Free

If you were crushed last month when Hulu discontinued its free streaming service , I’ve got good news for you. For a limited time only, Groupon is offering a free 45-day subscription to Hulu . You read that right — you’ll pay zero dollars . How to Get Hulu for Free This Groupon exclusive lets you “buy” a 45-day trial subscription to Hulu’s limited commercials plan (which normally costs $7.99 a month) for the low, low cost of nothing. You’ll get unlimited access to Hulu’s streaming service, which includes a full catalog of top shows both new and old, popular... Read more

Work-From-Home Job Alert! Enterprise is Hiring Reps in These 12 States

Chances are, you’ve written a big fat check to Enterprise for a rental car , but now it’s time to turn the tables. Enterprise Rent-A-Car , a go-to rental car company, is hiring for a wealth of work-from-home customer service and reservation sales representative positions . But first, I have to note that these positions are only currently available in a handful of states: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee . If you don’t live here, you might want to rent a car and start driving. (Just kidding.) What Does a Representative... Read more

Why Most Businesses Get Crappy Results from Content Marketing

Let’s start with a simple question… How, exactly, does content marketing make money? Because that’s the end goal, right? You’re not hunched over your keyboard, racking your brain for attention-grabbing ideas because you enjoy it. You expect to get clients, sales, or some other tangible result for your business. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime in the future, all that work you’re putting into creating and publishing content had better pay off. Except… what if it won’t? What if your entire understanding of the way content marketing works is wrong? What if all the time you’ve invested into... Read more

Want a Free Short Stack of Pancakes Today? Here’s Where to Go

Pancakes: They’re good for breakfast. Or lunch. Or even dinner. And today, you can get them for free at your local Perkins. To celebrate Give Kids the World Pancake Day on Sept. 22, participating restaurants will give you a free short stack of pancakes. Why the Free Pancakes? (Why Not?!) What’s the catch? It’s for a good cause. Perkins asks that today’s guests consider making a donation to Give Kids the World , a nonprofit that invites kids with serious illnesses and their families to enjoy cost-free, weeklong vacations at its resort in central Florida. Funds raised during today’s event... Read more

Vimeo is Adding to Its Work-From-Home Tech Support Team — Apply Today!

Online videos come in all sorts of flavors. And in a world of sneezing pandas and beauty tutorials, Vimeo is where the artsy kids go to hang out. I mean, this video alone takes my breath away. Every single time. (RIP JP.) Agree with me? Got some tech skills, and want to rep Vimeo — from a couch, a beach or a coffee shop? Then I’ve got the work-from-home job for you… How to Land a Work-From-Home Job with Vimeo So, you won’t be working for Vimeo exactly; instead you’ll be contracted by a company called The Yeomen. The what?... Read more

Are You STILL Making These 6 Grocery Shopping Mistakes?

Have you ever left the grocery store balancing your bags in one hand while squinting at your receipt in the other? “What did I even get for all this money I spent?” you ask as you scan for big-ticket items to blame. Sometimes, food’s just expensive. Sometimes, you need to buy particular items that never go on sale. And sometimes, it’s all your fault. Don’t think you’re guilty of grocery-shopping self-sabotage? If you’re guilty of any of the six following mistakes, it’s time to make a few improvements to your shopping methods. 1. You Didn’t Make a List This is... Read more

Amazon/Mypoints This Site Will Give You a Free $10 Amazon Gift Card Just for Trying It

The tech world and diehard fans are abuzz with the latest updates to the iPhone and Apple computers. Whether you plan to pick up an iPhone 7 — or get a good deal on someone’s discarded 6s — this is the perfect time for an upgrade. Of course, you’re going to need some bling for that new phone! Apple accessories are beautiful — but pricy. Luckily, we found a smart way to save money decking out your new iPhone. How to Save Money on iPhone 7 Accessories Sh4rp_i under Creative Commons Have you heard of MyPoints ? It’s a cash-back... Read more

Want a Free Bottle of Coke? You Just Have to Send a Quick Text

Imagine a future in which you can think, “Hey, I’m thirsty,” then shoot off a quick text and have an ice-cold beverage magically appear in front of you. It may not be quite so instantaneous, but in a way, that future is now. How to Score a Free Coke With Your Smartphone You may already know of the My Coke Rewards program , which lets you input codes from the bottoms of bottle caps to rack up points for various rewards. What you may not know is you can now link your MCR account balance to your mobile wallet via... Read more

Nordstrom is Hiring Seasonal Work-From-Home Reps (Includes Store Discount!)

In the market for a store discount …I mean, a job? Nordstrom , my favorite retailer (especially during the Anniversary Sale), is hiring seasonal work-from-home customer care specialists in multiple cities in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Utah. Check to see if your city is included before continuing on — unless you just want to drool over this job. What Customer Care Specialists Do for Nordstrom You know of Nordstrom, right? It’s a speciality retailer that offers the “best of what’s next” in fashion, according to itself. Pro tip: It has a bangin’ bistro, too. As a customer care... Read more

This Study Says Americans Waste a Shocking Amount of Money on Premium Gas

If you use premium fuel in your gas tank, you might be one of 16.5 million Americans wasting your money, according a recent study by AAA. The study confirmed what auto experts, apparently, have known for years that consumers are getting wrong: “Premium” isn’t higher-quality fuel, and your car probably doesn’t need it. Then why did U.S. drivers waste, as AAA calculated , $2.1 billion dollars on unnecessary premium-grade gasoline last year? The Myth of Premium Fuel Many of us see three options at the pump and assume each higher-priced product is better than the last. You may, like my... Read more

This Seasonal Work-From-Home Skullcandy Job Sounds Like a Sweet Gig

Go ahead, pop in those earbuds. Pick something empowering — like “Eye of The Tiger” or “Girl on Fire” or “Stronger.” (OK, those are just some personal favorites.) Ready? Skullcandy , the recognizable audio brand known for candy-colored earbuds and gaming headphones, is looking to hire work-from-home seasonal brand ambassadors — full and part time. Pay is $10-$11 an hour — and performance bonuses are possible. Just so I don’t waste your time, you must live in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Utah or Virginia . You do? Good. Skip to the next song, and continue on.... Read more