Do You Carry an EpiPen? Here’s How to Get a Generic Version for Free

The people have spoken , and it’s nice to know someone’s listening. After months of back and forth over the price of lifesaving EpiPens, we might finally be nearing a point of affordable pricing as competing manufacturers introduce alternatives for people with severe allergies. Last week, Kaleo Pharma announced that its version of the device, the Auvi-Q Auto-Injector, will come back on the market. The move follows a self-imposed recall stemming from concerns over the accuracy of its dosage delivery system in late 2015. The device will be available by prescription nationwide by Feb. 14, 2017 and will have a... Read more

Trump Has Suspended FHA Mortgage Fee Cuts. Here’s What That Means

Millions of homeowners’ wallets took an unexpected hit last week, following a new executive action announced just hours after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Homeowners with Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-backed mortgages were anticipating a 0.25 percentage-point rate cut on insurance premiums to take effect Jan. 27. The move would have lowered overall payments by an average of $500 a year for millions of homeowners. Those plans are now “suspended indefinitely,” according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development . Why FHA-Backed Loans are Important FHA-insured loans make it possible for first-time homebuyers to qualify for a mortgage, even if they... Read more

Amazon is Hiring — and Opening New Fulfillment Centers in These 3 Cities

Remember Amazon’s big plans to fill 100,000 jobs in the next year and a half? These jobs span the online retail empire, and not all 100,000 of those jobs require super-impressive tech skills, according to the original press release . In fact, many of these new Amazon jobs are in fulfillment centers, which are opening in cities across the U.S. right now. Where are These New Amazon Jobs? Amazon’s Jan. 12 press release boasted fulfillment centers under construction across the country, from Texas and California to Florida and New Jersey — adding to its existing 80-plus centers worldwide. Since then,... Read more

Kroger Has 10,000 Jobs on Its Shopping List. Here’s How to Bag One of Them

Big companies are making some big hires this new year. First Amazon . Then Pizza Hut . Now Kroger. This Monday, the popular grocery store chain announced plans to hire about 10,000 additional permanent employees . Kroger Offers Employees Awesome Benefits Too Last year, Kroger landed in our round-up of 10 grocery stores that offer employees amazing benefits . Kroger has a “Total Rewards” package it describes as highly competitive. Make sure you ask about benefits if you apply! We mentioned a few of the benefits employees might be eligible for in our post, including… Discounted home and auto insurance... Read more

She Quit Her Corporate Job to Become a Professional Hula Hooper. Here’s Why

“The sound of the fire is addictive — it’s a rush.” Abby Albaum spins a flaming hula hoop around her waist, then her knees. She shimmies it up to her shoulders and, in a flash, it’s spinning in her hand. It’s captivating: the fire’s rhythm, crackle and heat. But perhaps not as much as Albaum herself. She’s a natural performer, an effortless mover. Her hair is a rushing torrent of blonde underneath her velvet hood, chasing the flames as she whips around, and around, and around… For a crowd that hopes she never stops. * * * A 37-year-old native... Read more

When the Woman is the Breadwinner: 3 Men Tell Us What It’s Like

During our first five years together, my partner Stefan and I contributed pretty evenly to our meager budget. He was a touring stand-up comedian, and I was a freelance blogger. Each comes with income ebbs and flows, and we just hoped one would flow if the other was ebbing. By the time I started a full-time job that moved us to a new city in August 2015, he was ready to get out of comedy, but not sure what to do next. He’d been sort of out of the workforce for almost five years and working for himself, so he... Read more

This Man Took a Shot at Online Coaching — And Scored $1,200 in a Month

As a former Division I college basketball player, I never wanted to leave the game. So instead of keeping my expertise to myself, I decided to give back to young people as a youth coach and dedicate myself to helping them reach their potential. Youth coaching has its perks. Rather than traditional 9-to-5 hours, I work mornings and evenings, leaving plenty of room for leisure during the week. I can also adjust my hourly rate depending on the child. My rate ranges from $40 to $60 an hour, and I work about 20 to 25 hours a week. Taking in... Read more

Our Favorite Coupon Sites: 7 Blogs We Can’t Live Without

Ever wonder how couponing experts got started? They didn’t learn the ropes alone — they probably did a lot of reading as they learned. (They probably had a lot of trial-and-error flubs they aren’t volunteering, too.) Whether you want to learn how to coupon or just love getting the the most for your money, it’s always good to have trustworthy resources at your fingertips. When it comes to the best coupon sites, we love these seven options. They keep track of the latest coupons, along with deals, sweepstakes and freebies. We think you’ll love them too! 1. Krazy Coupon Lady... Read more

This Popular Google Docs Feature Will Soon Disappear. Here’s How to Keep It

The free document templates you can find in Google Docs are really useful. These templates can serve as a helpful starting point if you’re putting together any kind of report, a presentation or even a resume. When you create a new document, spreadsheet or slideshow, you can use these templates as a shortcut to getting the look and format you need. Here’s the bad news: Most of these public templates are about to disappear. If you want any of these templates, you need to download them really soon. Time is growing short. You have hundreds of publicly shared templates to... Read more

Need a Little Extra Dough? Pizza Hut Needs 11,000 New Employees

Wanna love your job almost as much as you love pizza? Good news: This might actually be possible. Pizza Hut has big plans to hire more than 11,000 folks across the country , according to this recent press release . Why is Pizza Hut Hiring So Many People? Even if you’re not into football, you probably know Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in about two weeks. Hey, I just show up for the buzzworthy commercials. And the pizza. The number of Pizza Hut orders spikes on this Sunday evening. That’s why it needs first-, second- and third-string players to... Read more

This is Why Navient is Under Fire for Slighting Student Loan Borrowers

If you’re one of the 44 million borrowers in the U.S. paying off student loans, listen up. The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is suing student loan servicer Navient Corp., and this news might affect you in a big way. The CFPB claims Navient “illegally cheated many struggling borrowers out of their rights to lower repayments, which caused them to pay much more than they had to for their loans.” The CFPB is seeking to recover “significant relief” for borrowers who may have overpaid as a result. If you’re confused (like we were!) about how your loans ended up in... Read more

That Nigerian Prince was a Scammer. This $586 Million Settlement is Real

Western Union has been helping people move money since 1871. But in the internet age, the wire-transfer giant has become known not just for providing financial services, but also for being the preferred financial service of Nigerian princes asking for your money by email. And for every person who can see a money-laundering scam a mile away, there’s another person who falls for it. After all, good scammers are professionals. Now, Western Union is in trouble. And it owes big money to its customers. What Western Union Did to Owe $586 Million to Its Customers In a global settlement with... Read more

4 Common Tax Season Scams — And How to Avoid Them

When tax season rolls around, there are plenty of scammers waiting to take advantage of consumers. From sky-high tax preparation fees to outright tax scams, fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated. Each year, thieves and criminals hoodwink millions of people . Tax season is a golden opportunity to make money and prey on unsuspecting individuals; many are easy targets because they were too trusting or too intimidated by tax lingo. By being aware of their tactics, you can get through tax season unscathed. Here are four common scams and how to avoid them. 1. Tax Preparer Fraud Many people pose as fake... Read more

This Company Will Give You Up to $3K for Opening a Retirement Account

What are your financial resolutions for 2017 ? Do you want to start a side gig, create a solid budget or save more money? Maybe you woke up on January 1 determined to accomplish all of these in the next 12 months. But nearly three weeks later, you can’t imagine why you ever thought that was a good idea… If you’re already prepared to to give up on your New Year’s resolutions, let me offer you a lifeline. I’ve got a super-simple way to start saving for retirement — and earn up to $3,000 while you’re at it. Why Open an... Read more

What Happens to Your Student Loans If You Die?

It’s no secret that millennials are drowning in student loan debt. These days, nearly half of student borrowers are behind on their loans . Bachelor’s degree recipients who graduate with debt owe an average of $33,000 . Between 2008 and 2014, total student loan debt rose nearly 85% . It’s gotten so bad that most millennial college grads regret how much they borrowed . Not only that, but older Americans are now carrying unprecedented amounts of student debt into retirement. The number of Americans age 60 and older with student loan debt has quadrupled over the last decade, according to... Read more

This Serial Bridesmaid Said “Yes” to Savings Using These 5 Tactics

A handful of my closest friends got married when I was in my early 20s and asked me to be a bridesmaid. It was an honor to be part of their bridal parties and to be there for them throughout their wedding adventures — but it usually came at a hefty expense. By the time I was 28, I had been a bridesmaid more times than I could count on one hand; when I added up how much I spent being in these weddings over the years, the tally came close to $10,000. Being a repeat bridesmaid for friends and... Read more

Can You Answer These Questions About Student Loans? Most Parents Can’t

With millennials famously drowning in student loan debt, you may not be surprised to learn how little we know about how any of it works. Thankfully, like many failings of our generation, we can blame this on our parents. :sweat_smile: The vast majority — 85% — of students rely on their parents for student loan information, LendEdu found in a survey last year . In a new survey released this week , the company learned parents really don’t know any more than their kids. What Nobody Knows About Student Loans LendEdu surveyed 1,001 parents with at least one child in... Read more

Job Give You Nightmares? 6 Terrifying Work Fears Keeping People Up at Night

Earlier this week I woke up in a cold sweat at 2:30 in the morning. I was dreaming that I was late for work. Luckily, The Penny Hoarder offices are pretty laid back, so it’s not the end of the world if someone oversleeps or runs a little late. Still, the idea of running behind schedule gives me nightmares. It turns out, I’m not alone. Mattress company Amerisleep surveyed 2,000 sleepyheads and discovered a whole lot of us struggle with nightmares about work. Bad dreams happen to everyone — but work stress can ratchet up their frequency pretty quickly. What’s... Read more

Put Your Facebook Stalking Skills to Work with This Work-From-Home Job

My online “stalking” skills blossomed early. Back in middle school, actually, with AOL Instant Messenger. Is he online? See what his away message says. OMGosh, now he’s idle. Then MySpace. Why did he leave a comment on Lauren’s profile? That’s a weird picture… Now there’s Facebook, which really just created a black hole for stalking. And let’s not forget Instagram, Twitter and, you know, random Google searches. (Please tell me you can relate?) However, I found a work-from-home job that’s perfect for those of you who’ve refined your online stalking — I mean researching — skills. Hugo is Hiring a... Read more

Dog and Cat Owners, Score a Free Vet Checkup and Major Wagging Rights

Having a pet is basically like having a little human. You have to feed them , bathe them, make sure they get plenty of exercise and take them for health checkups. Vet visits are expensive, though. After it’s all said and done, and Fido is ready to check out, the bill might not be kind to your wallet. Thankfully, there’s an opportunity to get up to two of your pets examined for free, and it’s a pain-free process. If your pet is ready for a checkup (dogs or cats only!), make sure you grab this coupon before you head to... Read more

Beauties on a Budget Will Love These 2 (Almost) Free Sample Offers

Here at The Penny Hoarder HQ, several staffers are suffering from a post-holiday Sephora hangover. There’s a lot of love for the cosmetics retailer, but one trip through the door means a major ding to your budget. We all have our beauty nemesis, right? Ulta’s Ultamate Rewards. CVS ExtraBucks. The Clinique counter. Sigh. If you’re broke but still craving new beauty products for your bathroom counter rotation, two nearly free beauty boxes have popped up on our radar. Just be sure to read the fine print. Two Beauty Boxes to Try This Winter Want to try a few new products... Read more

Calling All Road Warriors: Here’s How to Make $750/Week Just Driving Around

Paul Pruce moved to Philadelphia in 2015 from a small town near Scranton, Pennsylvania, for a job. He was excited for his new job as a personal trainer for a new job with a gym that brought him to the city. Unfortunately, the opportunity fell through after just a few months — and he was stuck in Philadelphia without a job. He’d started driving with Lyft on the side about a month before he lost his job. Above anything else, the flexibility hooked him. He’d been using the gig as a fall-back while he looked for another job, but decided... Read more

Yurts, Boats and Buses: The Most Unique Airbnb Under $100 in Every State

Hotels are so 1990s. These days, when I travel, I stay in Airbnbs. (And no, the company’s not paying me to say that — but I wish it would!) Why do I love this alternate form of lodging ? Because it lets you stay in the heart of the action, where the locals live and play — usually for less money than a hotel. Airbnbs are usually roomier, which is great for traveling with kids, and they often have kitchens, which significantly reduces your food costs . Some allow pets. And if you’re traveling alone, it’s sometimes nice to stay... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Scoring the Best Deal on Your First Apartment

You did it. You’ve scrimped and scrounged, and finally saved up enough money to cover first, last and security. You’re totally done with dorm life and ready to get the keys to your own apartment or house for the very first time. But are you really ready? Renting Your First Apartment Isn’t Always That Simple Sorry college students, but it’s true: It seems like the hardest part of becoming a renter is accumulating four figures in your bank account, but renting your first place is a lot more complicated than you might have thought. Done well, it takes the same... Read more